An entire house in the lovely Black Forest!


The small city Wildberg in the middle of the northern part of the Black forest is well known from the traditional shepherders. The wide spread forests with deep valleys many streams and lakes offer a variety of recreation and sightseeing possibilities.


The house is very traditional located on a hill in a very small village  Schönbronn, which is also very quiet. The house is suitable up to 8 persons and you will be the only one in the house.


The rooms

2   large Sleeping room double bed

2   small sleeping room

2   kitchen

1   living room

2   bath room

2   Toilet


A Sauna can be used as well.


The house is surounded with a huge garden, where a little pond is located. A fire place is available with chairs and tables.


Please contact Rositha Wiedmann

                 phone: +49 7443 91535

                 email:  Roswitha-Wiedmann@t-online.de




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